Jean-Philippe Baudet ANDROMEDE   LA BETE  20 x 41cm 2014  MARBRE NOIR  (1)Born in Bordeaux (France) in 1949, Jean-Philippe Baudet is a figurative realistic sculptor. His works are generally small size subjects mainly inspired by female torsos and horses head that he realizes on hard stones like marble and pebbles.
He sculpts his first lime stone at the age of 10, realizing a trough for his grandmother’s farm ducks in a lime stone collected in the farm quarry.
In parallel with his studies in higher education, he enters the class of the sculptor Alexandre Callede at  the Ecole des Beaux Arts of Bordeaux (1969-1972). He will there discover the works of the Renaissance, the copy of antics, 17th, 18th century sculptures.
Studying art history, visiting museums, discovering Japanese woodblock prints, conducts him at the age of 23 in Japan, to study Japanese Art. Seduced by the country, he stays there and marries. Today, he still lives half the year in Japan and the other half in France. He works in his two workshops, one in the Medoc area in South-West France and the other in the island of Shikoku in Japan.


jean-philippe baudet Jean-Philippe Baudet

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